The mighty realm of Hakadia has been ruled by kings and feudal lords for thousands of years. But even these noble leaders answer to a higher authority. The power of men and women astride fearsome dragons! Commanding great strength of arms and magical power to rival the eldritch supremacy of the mages of old, these great warriors worked beside their immense companions and strove to be servants of peace, and equality throughout the kingdoms of Hakadia.

For two thousand years, the Riders met each threat to the people with fang and claw. The cost of each battle was paid in blood and scales; but they always prevailed. Tyrannical kings… Savage beasts… The unrelenting elements… Nothing stopped them. But the battles had begun to spill over into the villages of simple peasant folk. So a new plan was formed. A perfect way to protect the lands even when a Rider was not present.

The Frontier.

A mystical barrier; built to protect the pioneering settlements from the elements and monsters of the Savage North. For the six hundred years that followed, there was peace. Occasionally evil men would rise and challenge the continent wide network of Riders; but not a one ever bested a rider.

Until six months ago…

A man known only as The High Red King brought down the barrier and lead a force of hundreds of wild dragons into the kingdoms. He laid methodical waste to each of the Riders strongholds, even the beloved Rookery where sleeping eggs lie in wait to be hatched and bonded to newly selected Riders. He led the attack without mercy until each of the remaining lords swore fealty to him, and he ruled over the whole of the realms.

Though he did not know that hope survived. An old master managed to escape with a small group of survivors and half a dozen eggs. And so rebellion began. Some blamed the Riders. Others trusted in their loyalty to all living beings. From the fragile band of heroes, a spark was born. The last of the Riders spread out to the small pockets of rebellious people, organizing and teaching them. Taking up their old role as protectors and new place as soldiers. The people would not be oppressed, no matter how powerful their draconic masters might be. Their wrath had grown from a small spark into a flickering flame of strength. Under the guidance of the last of the Dragon Riders, and the first of the new, farmers became warriors. Shepherds became defenders. Commoners had become liberators.

The fury of dragons has begun to spread like wild fire.

Will you be snuffed out like a candle in the night? Or will you burn with us?

Tooth & Claw: A Pathfinder Campaign of Fire & Fury

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