Respect the sea and sky, lest we bring you ruin.
Deity of nature, weather, and the sea
Alignment N
Domains Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon Trident

Sailors claim that Gozreh dwells at the horizon, where the sea meets the sky. Born of the ocean’s fury and the wind’s wrath, Gozreh is a fickle deity. Those who ply the waters or rely upon the rains know this better than most, and are sure to placate Gozreh and honor him when the winds and waves are favorable. Gozreh has two aspects, equally depicted in art and sculpture. When at sea, or over water, Gozreh is a woman, with wild, flowing green hair whose body transforms into endless waves. In the sky and over land, Gozreh appears as an aged man with a long white beard, emerging from a mighty storm cloud. Temples in port cities often venerate both images.

Gozreh is moody and brooding, able to spend weeks in a glowering quiet only to explode in a fury of water, salt, lightning, and wind. He is an elemental force, refusing to be confined by the work of mortals and only reluctantly abating his wrath when they appease him with gifts and flattering words. She is the amoral side of nature, that which brings life but may take it away unexpectedly. As a supernatural being of either sex, Gozreh represents the male and female in every living thing, as well as the necessity of both sexes for life to continue. Grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, eternal and ever-changing, the Wind and Waves are echoes of and forces that shape the countless living things in Golarion.

Gozreh refers to himself or herself as “I” or “We” interchangeably. He loves to race with the wind, tearing clouds in half with his passing, or sculpt them into islands and palaces for her pleasure. She hides under the waves and plummets to the crushing darkest depths of the ocean, chasing whales and building grottos only visible by the light of the glowing creatures that live
there. She hates those who defile the sky with great smoke, taint the waters with mortal filth, or abuse the bounties of land and sea. Her official church is small but her lay worshipers are countless.

Signs of Gozreh’s favor include a sudden but gentle warm breeze that carries a strong scent of flowers, the unexplained sound of waves crashing on a distant beach, and dreams of a specific, recognizable animal (such as a white wolf, a frilled lizard with glowing blue eyes, or a ghostly raven). Omens of her displeasure include being watched and shrieked at by wild birds or beasts, sudden rainstorms localized over a specific building or individual, or an unending taste of blood in the mouth.

His worshipers are typically sailors, naval merchants, and farmers (especially those in need of rain). Seagoing barbarians pay homage to speed them to their prey, fisherfolk pray for favorable currents to bring them heavy catches, millers ask for consistent winds to power their mills and well-pumps, and travelers seek supplication for good weather on their journeys. Gozreh’s avatar is a colossal humanoid whose lower half trails away into a mass of roiling elemental matter; in female form her body merges with a lake or sea, in male form he becomes a storm cloud and always remains f lying. Her herald is Personification of Fury, an ancient elemental that appears to be a fusion of air and water. Notable divine servants of Gozreh are Hargle (a very damp air elemental), Kraz’Tesh (an icy dragonf ly-like creature), and Saltbeard (a dour triton cleric).

Gozreh is indifferent to other deities unless they threaten her domain or existence. She squabbles with Abadar over his farms encroaching on too much wildland and Garyx for his urge to destroy the world in all consuming flame. He is alternately affectionate and cool with Sarenrae, for while the sky and sun are a good match, he can be jealous of travelers’ prayers spoken to her rather than him. He is genuinely friendly with Erastil, for he believes only Old Deadeye fully appreciates all the aspects of nature.