Mara Dawnscales

Bronze Dragon


My name used to be something beautiful, as did my life. But fate has dealt bitterly with me since my naming. So I am called Mara, which is bitterness. I have become a monster. I love nothing more than crunching the bones of my species and their egg mates between my teeth. The scent of their blood-flesh singeing in my fire is all that I enjoy in this life. They took him from me, and now they will burn in my rage.
Of course, I fight for good and purity and freedom, like they all say we do. But the war for me will be over when their blood washes over my claws, and I am avenged. Then I will fly into oblivion.
My only regret will be Michael. I am so sorry for ruining your existance. I should have refused to be bound. You don’t deserve this fight.