King Aogán Mac Carthaigh

This ambitious young count of House Mac Carthaigh, joined the rebellion in the footsteps of his now dead father.


While Aogán Mac Carthaigh can be ostentatious and a fan of tournaments and jousting, he is also ambitious. Thus he understands when it is time to work, and when it is time to play. Shortly before the destruction of the House of O’Ceallaigh, Aogán was planning his wedding with their eldest daughter Gwendolyn. But with the fall of the Frontier came a new draconic lord and then the death of his lands king.

As well as the kings entire family.

Under the guidance of his father, Aogán entered into their new lord’s service to ensure that the family survived the civil war that seemed to be spreading throughout the kingdoms. For how could the power of men overcome the might of dragons? Old Aled’s decision to serve the brass lord, lead to the older noble’s death and Aogán’s rise to the head of his house. Like his father, Aogán saw a future where Mac Carthaigh’s sat on the throne and ruled through commerce and not simple war mongering.

The Mac Carthaigh’s are active and proud members of the Church of Abadar, as such they find war is overall only something to destroy the advancement of men…. Not aid it.


Count Aogán Mac Carthaigh is the oldest son of Aled Mac Carthaigh, his two younger brothers are Adam and Ardal II. Handsome and charismatic; he is capable of winning friends easily even when many view him as frivolous and not truly understanding the responsibility his family holds as lords within the Kingdom of Duon Mynded. Aogán has served as Master of Coin for nearly ten years before the fall of the Frontier and Lord Spravilvost took over as lord of Duon Mendyd.

Aogán and his father Aled entered into the service of lord Spravilvost as Masters of Coin. The role was taken after Spravilvost, a brass dragon who had garnered the respect of the High Red King over the months following the fall of the Frontier by keeping his secrets and helping to ferrite the resistance in Nexus and bring much of their operations to an end. When the common folk of several villages began an uprising, Aled and Aogán convinced Sparvilvost to send them to negotiate a peace. Their family had a great reputation in the ways of statecraft and could easily quell the angry peasants.

When the villagers were not satisfied by the offers of House Mac Carthaigh, they reioted. The riot was so great and fast spread that the local military watch was caught unprepared and resulted in their citadel burning, with many watchmen dead beneath the angry pitchforks of starving farmers. So enraged was Spravilvost, that he spit a gout of smoky fire at Count Aled. The aging lord burst into flames and no one dare put them out for fear of meeting the same fate.

Aogán was made Master of Coin for the kingdom and told to not fail his lord as Aled had. Aogán swore he would not and while he fulfilled his obligations to Spravilvost during the night, he spent his nights helping establish the resistance in the region and then openly joined the rebellion once Spravilvost was slain and replaced with the Emerald Ravager Dastrivox.

Now that Greendeath is dead, Aogán is seeking support for his claim to the throne as his family is the next closest to descent from the O’Duinn’s and he had even been betrothed to House O’Ceallaigh’s Gwendolyn (the King’s eldest daughter), before the royal house was wiped out by lord Spravilvost. While his claim is legitimate, his right to the throne does not have much support since Wingclipper has largely lead the Rebellion and held it together after it was all but destroyed after the first peasant’s uprising.

Aogán and Windclipper do not view the war from the same standpoint. Wingclipper believes the war will not end until the Dragon Knights are destroyed along with the High Red King. Aogán believes that diplomacy might win the people a respected freedom from under the High Red King, though how he plans to maintain such liberty is anyone but Aogán’s guess.

King Aogán Mac Carthaigh

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