Tooth & Claw: A Pathfinder Campaign of Fire & Fury

The Dragon and The Castle

Tooth & Claw - Season 1 Finale

When last we beheld the daring deeds of our heroic party, they had joined the ranks of the Southern Rebellion after a failed attempt to overthrow a new order of riders known as the Dragon Knights in the capitol of Nexus. It took several months for the cadre of rebellious fighters to reach the Rebellion. When, at last, they finally made it to the safety of the hidden camp of the rebels they were shown to the pavilion of the rebel leader Ewan “Wing-clipper” Magnus.

Glad to have help from the last of the old Riders, Wing-clipper dispatched the party to Castle Baeleton. Their mission was simple in concept but would be challenging in execution. They were to take the castle and slay its draconic master, Lord Dastrivox. Dastrivox is an evil green dragon who had been attempting to lure the rebels out by attack innocent villages. Wing Clipper was wise enough not to stray into the conflict until he had real power at his disposal. The power of dragons!

The party set out for the castle, a rogue named Elana in added to their numbers. Unfortunately, the party knew next to nothing about the castle since those who had been within it’s high walls were either dead or loyal to Dastrivox. Upon their arrival at Baeleton, they discovered that the castle was heavily fortified with catapults, balistas, and trebuchet. The fighting quickly became fierce as the band of dragons landed upon the walls and worked to disable the balistas. Elana was slain by one of the balista crewman while seeing to the destruction of one of the massive weapons. While she fell, it was not in vain as the machine’s tense cord snapped and killed one of it’s crewman.

Michael was likewise successful in disabling a second balista, but managed to survive. Meanwhile, his vengeful partner Mara ripped the fourth balista to pieces. While events unfolded on the walls, Bjorn and Prospero began to work on the trebuchets. In the course of doing so, one of the siege engines was set loose; unleashing a volley at the wall where Shiloh and Buesiphilos were attempting to disable the last balista.

They were buried under a great deal of rubble and badly injured. The remaining warriors finished off the machines as best they could while Mara and Michael dug their companions free of the debris that covered them. Their numbers so greatly diminished, the party had no choice but to fall back to a safer position… Where they found Wing Clipper and his force of 600 men. The time had come to regroup and finally take Dastrivox’s castle and draw the Emerald Ravager out.

The time had come for open battle!


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