Tooth & Claw: A Pathfinder Campaign of Fire & Fury


While the beginning of a national campaign of war is on the horizon; the ranks of leadership in the rebellion are coming apart.

After the successful defeat of The Green Army at the Fields of Baeleton. The Free People’s Rebellion, assisted by the Dragon Riders set about assessing their losses and acquisitions during the battle. They had gained the aid of one of The High Red Kings Dragonknights as well as a powerful weapon in their fight against the army of dragons.

However, in a time of victory and celebration, a new mystery began to unfold. The roll of a magical item of great value mistakenly left behind in the Baeleton Castle’s vault. The Conundrum Crux. A container not much largely than that of an apple, covered in infernal runes. As the party began to decipher the script that covered the puzzle box, another challenge would arise…

Aogán Mac Carthaigh, the young Count of House Mac Carthaigh, approached the Riders in the hopes of gaining their support for a campaign to win the currently empty throne of Duon Mynded. While the party mulled over the Count’s generous offers, an assassin from within General Ewan “Wing-Clipper” Magnus’ ranks would surface and make an attempt on the life of the would be king of the Black Mountains.

Luckily, Michael had been growing in skill in the mental arts and sensed the presence of the killer and stopped him before he could end the life of Count Mac Carthaigh. Questioning him would result in very little information other than that he had been paid with thirty pieces of platinum to kill Aogán by General Cormac O’Neill…. Wing Clippers adjutant and second in command!


TheGreatController TheGreatController

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